We get results. If you already have a personal trainer, when was the last time you were measured to see how close you are to your goals? When did you last compare where you are now to when you started? Have you re-focused on your fat loss, weight loss or general health & fitness goals? Exactly. We believe there are too many ‘personal entertainers’ and not enough ‘real’ personal trainers.


Personal Training based in the heart of the City of London. Cre8 Fitness combines an exclusive personal training environment with a team of some of the leading personal trainers London have to offer, with the aim to create a catalyst for life changing results. All of our training sessions are conducted on a one to one basis by appointment only.
We believe personal training is all about results, with your trainer being able to guide/coach you through all aspects of health and fitness, from exercise and nutrition to hormonal composition. We know that the most prized possession we have is our body and that choosing a personal trainer is about finding the right person for you and your goals.



Our personal trainers provide an all-encompassing support service to ensure that we deliver on the goals set out by you. And our support doesn’t stop when you walk out the door; we’re on hand to coach and support you throughout your training. After all, you will spend more hours of the day without us than with us, and we know that time on your own is just as important as the time spent training with us.



When it’s time to train use that time wisely and effectively!

Never quit! If you stumble get back up, What happened yesterday no longer matters, so get back on track and move closer to your dream and goals. You Can Do it!


  • I knew very little about Pilates when my personal trainer suggested I try it. I was a total novice and Claire was very good at explaining and guiding me through the principals. It is surprisingly complex, subtle and challenging and the one to one tuition has been invaluable for me
    • Jane Sheilds
    • Client
  • As soon as I spoke with Simon it was clear that he knew what he was talking about and I promised to give him 12 weeks to see what he could do. 12 weeks later and not only have my results been amazing but the experience has completely changed my life
    Author image
    • Vicky
    • Client
  • The combined knowledge of the guys is also unbelievable – you’d think they’d swallowed a nutrition and personal fitness library each day. You would also struggle to meet three nicer guys or train in a more supportive gym.’
    Author image
    • A.C, Latham & Watkins, Lawyer
    • Client


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