Health and fitness has always been something Steve has been interested in.  From a young age he played many sports, weight trained with his bodybuilding father and ate a balanced and nutritious diet courteous of his mother who promoted healthy homemade meals over quick ready meals.  All this started him on his path to being a top personal trainer in the city of London.


The main catalyst that launched him on his career path was when he was studying Sport and Exercise Science at university and started to teach friends how to train correctly to improve their physiques and improve sports performance.  Steve realised that he had a real passion for being in the gym and truly helping his friends and then knew that he wanted to help as many people as possible who were struggling to achieve their body goals.


After 7 years of being a personal trainer Steve’s passion continues to grow and he continuously looks to improve himself in every aspect so he can increase his knowledge so he can learn as much about the body as possible to maximise the number of ways in which his assistance can benefit those who train with him.  He does this by continuously completing courses and working with and learning from the in-house physiotherapist at Cre8 Fitness.


The courses Steve has completed consist of nutrition, body composition, functional medicine, gut health and function and how it affects mental state, energy pathways, fat loss and sleep with all these being delivered by the leaders and best and most respected teachers in their respective fields.


Steve doesn’t believe in just training someone in the gym, he gives his all to ensure he coaches all clients in every aspect of the lifestyle needed to achieve their goals.  Nutrition and exercise are just 2 parts of this and he makes sure all other aspects are taught to his clients so they can finally get the results they want and are able to keep them from everything they have learnt so they can feel empowered and confident.


Steve aims to be among the best at what he does and it is these high standards he applies to himself to ensure he and Cre8 Fitness can stay at the top.

Simon King, CEO


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