Simon King has been delivering successful life-changing results to clients over the last 16years.  His success in the industry led him to become a ‘personal trainer of personal trainers’. The reputation that Simon has built over the years has led to his training principles being featuring in both Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness.

Simon’s vast knowledge of varying training methods, goal setting, biomechanical issues and body composition challenges that clients face – ensure he delivers all-round results orientated package. He has the ability to transform bodies, consistently adapting to every client's individual needs and goals. Each of his unique training protocols is tailored specifically to his client's needs, adapting each and every session in order to surpass their goals & achievements.

Simon’s passion for being the best in the industry has led him to travel globally to pursue and learn from the very best. This approach to strive forward to research real credible health & fitness information allows him to constantly expand his knowledge and ‘tools in his box’ which enables him to deliver results with a very diverse client base.

The one thing that separates Simon King from other personal trainers in London and the industry that ‘claims’ to offer personal training is that he walks, talks and breathes what he asks of his clients. This led Simon to step out of big commercial health clubs to launch Cre8 Fitness – as he felt there were too many frauds acting as personal trainers just because they had the name written across the back of their t-shirt. Personal training with Simon King will have you feeling and looking better than ever before, unlocking your true potential.

Simon King, CEO


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