From a very young age, Phil's natural sporting ability and love for the outdoors ignited a passion to test his physical and mental limits. Disheartened by the culture of large Corporate Gyms - focussing on sales rather than wellbeing - in 2008, Phil and Simon took a leap of faith and set up Cre8 Fitness. Since then, he has never looked back.


Since moving to London in 2007, Phil has established himself as one of the leading “trainers for City professionals”. Regardless of whether you want to loose fat, build muscle, improve mobility, repair an injury or improve aerobic conditioning, Phil will enable you to surpass your expectations. As well as delivering real physical results, he has helped countless clients live healthier lives through improvements to lifestyle, sleep and stress management. 


Phil has honed his training and coaching skills over the last decade. Hungry to learn, he has travelled the world studying with renowned teachers such as Dr Eric Serrano (world leading expert in training nutrition and rehabilitation) Charles Poliquin (recognised globally as one of the most accomplished strength trainers) and Paul Chek (international expert in the fields of corrective and high performance exercise kinesiology). As well as training alongside Olympic Coaches and Commonwealth record holders like Giles Greenwood. 


Over and above everything else, Phil truly believes that personal training should be a positive experience. The relationship you have with your trainer will ultimately drive your success and Phil been lucky enough to train many of his clients for years. Since becoming a father in 2014, he is even more driven to increase awareness among the younger generation in the power of nutrition and exercise for the mind and body. 


Phil guarantees that his commitment, along side yours, will deliver

Simon King, CEO


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