Kevin Cornwell has spent much of his life in the gym. And he’s spent his time outside reading about exercise and nutrition and coaching people on both for as long as he’s been conscious. Kevin knows what it’s like to be at the frustrating and intimidating start of the fitness journey and is driven to guide his clients through it. His own journey is a great example of how he walks the walk instead of just talking the talk.


in his mid-20s, Kevin found himself rather unfit whilst pursuing his career in IT. Everything got worse after a severe injury to his knee led to surgery, weakness, and gaining 30 pounds of fat. He got reacquainted with kettlebells and deadlifts in late 2017 and his love for the gym finally started paying off with great gains in strength and confidence, and a huge loss in fat. Kevin turned his story around and has an obvious passion to see everyone he works with live their healthiest, most robust life.


Kevin takes a client-centric approach. He believes in the power of strength but mainly encourages his clients to make the right decisions for their health and longevity. He may ask you to deadlift a bit more than you’d planned though! Kevin’s support and appreciation will get you feeling stronger, more confident, and healthier than you believed you ever could.


Kevin is a REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer, RKC-certified Kettlebell Instructor, and holds a certificate as a Level 4 Back Pain Exercise Specialist. He has additional certifications, including Advanced Resistance Training and Nutrition for Weight Management, awarded by FutureFit and is a certified Primal Health Coach. Kevin is a top-10 competitor in the Men’s Classic Division of the Tactical Strength Challenge.


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