At Cre8 Fitness we rarely talk too much about weight loss, focusing more on fat loss.  This is because we know that if you lose body fat your body shape will change, become healthier and will stay that way for longer the leaner you get. However we know that some people are not sold on this philosophy. So this article we are actually going to talk about what’s great for WEIGHT LOSS, yes that’s right weight loss!

Losing weight is easy if you can stick to any plan and there are a 101 plans out there that will lose you weight. However keeping the weight off is much more difficult that’s why we tend to concentrate on fat loss. Continuing to lose weight is hard – so finding a reasonable plan that allows you to maintain your hard -won gains is the holy grail of weight loss programs.

A recent study determined to find out actually what sort of plan was best for continuing to lose weight. Researchers looked at four different diets in an attempt to identify which program would have the best chance of keeping weight off.

The clear winner: a low-Glycemic, higher protein diet (no kidding!!)

For this particular paper, researchers divided 733 people who had already lost 8% of their body weight on a very low calorie diet (800-1000 calories), into one of five diet groups.

Low-protein/ Low-Glycemic

Low-protein / High-Glycemic

High-protein/ Low-Glycemic

High-protein/ High-Glycemic

All five diets had about the same amount of fat (25-30% of calories) and none were calorie restricted. The researchers wanted to see whether the diet programs themselves had any effect on appetite, so they didn’t limit calories and instead let people eat as much as they wanted as long as everyone stayed within the parameters of their own diet group (high protein, low-protein, etc.)

One thing worth noting is the researcher’s definitions of 4 different groups. Low protein was 13% of calories, while high protein was 25%.

Twenty-five percent of calories from protein by no means a high protein diet in our opinion and many others however this is substantially higher than the low-protein diet. Similarly, only 15 points on the Glycemic index scale separated the high Glycemic conditions from the low Glycemic conditions.

Over a 26 week period, only those in the low-protein/high-Glycemic group regained significant weight. Meanwhile those in the high-protein/low-Glycemic group actually continued to lose.

An interesting quote from the lead study author Dr. Thomas Meinert Larson of the University of Copenhagen stated “We have now shown in a very large European cohort that modifying protein levels and going slightly higher than is usually recommended in terms of protein consumption and lowering GI can help people maintain weight loss.”

Final Thoughts

By switching to a more hunter-gatherer style of eating, centred around free range meat & fish and whole foods (nuts, seeds, fruits & vegetables), our diet naturally moves towards one that is rich in antioxidants, fibre & healthy fats & with a low Glycemic index. This is something Cre8 Fitness have been advocating for years, moving away from calorie counting and moving towards a Palaeolithic diet and listening to your body.

Now with this recent research it even supports weight loss as well as fat loss combined with other benefits such as increased energy levels, increased metabolism and importantly keeping hunger at bay. The also interesting thing from the study is that to maintain weight loss your diet does not have to be extreme, as 25% of the diet being protein we believe should not be too hard to achieve.