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My alarm goes off at 5:30am, I’m out on the train for 6am which allows me to get to work a little early to eat breakfast. Breakfast today consists of 250g of venison steak, walnuts, raspberries and a tablespoon of coconut oil. With my breakfast I take basic supplements, multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin D3 and HCL (hydrochloric acid) which ensures I’m digesting and assimilating all of the above effectively. Read more on HCL here

I have three sessions from 7am till 10am and then it’s time for me to train. Monday is legs which I used to despise but is now probably my favourite body part to train. Our current training phase is strength – this essentially means higher weights/ lower reps using a basic five sets at five repetitions (RM). Training lasts 45-50 minutes and then I consume a post workout Whey protein shake which feeds my muscles and aids recovery. Whey protein with added amino acids has been shown to lower cortisol, making it an ideal post workout aid to muscle growth. I then have two more training sessions between 11 and 12pm.

Lunch today is a 400g mackerel salad consisting of peppers, onions and salad leafs. With lunch I will take my second lot of supplements. HCL, multivitamins, magnesium and fish oil, a couple of handfuls of walnuts and a spoonful of coconut oil.
Two more training sessions between 1 and 2 pm and then a break until 5pm which allows me to catch up with emails and paperwork whilst snacking on roasted vegetables.
My final sessions of the day are between 5 and 8pm and then home for around 8:45pm. Dinner tonight is 200g of sea bass with asparagus and sweet potato. I take my third lot of supplements – multivitamin, fish oil, magnesium. That leaves just enough time to prepare some vegetables and cook some organic, gluten free buffalo burgers for breakfast tomorrow. Strict lights out by 10:15pm and sound asleep by 10:30pm.


Up at 5:30am and on the 6am train. I have my pre-prepared buffalo burgers on the train accompanied by my supplements. I notice a few funny looks while consuming burgers and pills but, given the gentleman looked about as healthy as Homer Simpson I don’t let it bother me; i’ll carry on doing what most people aren’t doing – eating healthy. I arrive at work and consumer a spoonful of coconut oil, brazil nuts a pear and I’m really to start my morning sessions.
Training today is chest and back again using the five set at five RM. Chest is the area I focus on the least, so I’m not feeling too strong at the moment. Back work is coming along nicely and the weight on my pull ups is slowly increasing. Post workout shake, two kiwi fruits and some magnesium later and I’m back in to sessions from 11am to 3pm.
By 3pm I’m starving and I tuck straight in to a grated cauliflower rice and 450g of hormone and chemical free chicken. I buy my chicken from local my farmers market – that way I know where it’s come from! My lunch is finished off with a spoonful of coconut oil and supplements.
Just two more sessions and an early 7:30pm home time. As I have a lot more time than usual this evening I do enough food prep for a few days. When you have the time, cook extra and freeze it to use when you in a rush. Dinner consisted of 200g of chicken and vegetable stir fry. Tonight I push the boat out and treat myself to three squares of organic 85% chocolate. Then I’m in bed by 10pm.
bed by 10pm.


My first client cancelled today, so I decide to relax and eat breakfast at home. As I have extra time, I can rustle up a five egg omelette with wild smoked Alaskan salmon. A few handfuls of cashew nuts, some supplements and a spoonful coconut oil will keep my hunger at bay until 11am.
I start my morning sessions at 8am and finish at 10am for my own training – today is shoulders and abs. The team and I spend most of our training time on shoulders but as they wimped out quickly today I spend more time on abdominal work. I don’t usually focus on this area, so I think I will be feeling the burn for two or three days. I consume my usual post workout protein shake and supplement it with a banana. Surprisingly for me, I’m not feeling too hungry after all that abdominal training. My next client isn’t until 12:30pm, so I’ll wait a while before I tuck into my wood pigeon salad. I’m always trying to rotate my protein sources so I try to incorporate wild meats and game where possible. It prevents me from getting bored and ensures I’m getting the right nutrients and prevents food sensitivities, which can cause big problems when you’re trying to get lean.

I have five more sessions before home time. With gaps in between them, I sneak in a second short shoulder and flexibility/mobility work out. A snack of left-over chicken, cashew nuts and coconut oil sees me though to dinner at around 9pm. I had a few things to do this evening and didn’t get to bed until 10:45 – I’ll notice that at 5:30am tomorrow!


Another 5:30am start. I struggle to wake up this morning demonstrating that even the smallest lack of sleep can affect your energy levels. Breakfast today is 200g of beef steak, blue berries and a spoonful of coconut oil; same routine of supplements before starting work at 7am. I have three sessions back to back this morning and after my final session I rush off to my Olympic weightlifting class at Bethnal Green. I’m definitely improving but progress is slow which can be frustrating at times. My coach, Giles Greenwood, won gold at the 2002 Commonwealth Games (see his winning lift here He’s been a great inspiration to me and keeps me on track when things aren’t going to plan. First food disaster for me this week…I forgot to grab my lunch out of the fridge! I compromise with a shop bought salad on the way back to the studio. I always prefer to have my own food with me – I know the quality and the portion sizes. Bought products tend to be full of additives and contain little protein. To make up for the small portions, I consume plenty of vegetables. A 30minute break at 5pm allows me to grab a snack of roasted vegetables with quinoa and a few handfuls of brazil nuts before my next sessions. Home time today is 8:30pm and I’m in bed by 10:15pm.


I’m up and alert at the usual time of 5:30am. Venison steaks, kiwi fruit and walnuts are my breakfast of choice accompanied with supplements and coconut oil. I’m back to back until 10am and then it’s Matt’s favourite workout of the week…arms! He kindly made us all a pre-workout shake – great for short term focus terrible for anxiety! Although certain supplements can provide a great stimulus to improve training I have to be careful as I’m sensitive some of them. If you’re someone who is tired, using supplements or energy drinks to give you a little boost may do more harm than good and burn out your adrenal system.

A post workout protein shake, some pork slices and two kiwi fruits later and I’m back into sessions until 3pm. I’m starving by this point so consume the rest of my pork and roasted vegetables, supplements and coconut oil. 4pm is my last client of the week and I’m home for 5:30pm. I cook plaice fillets with asparagus, sweet potato and salad and get some rare, but much needed time to relax and enjoy some TV. My final treat of the week – a few squares of dark chocolate and a later than usual 11pm bed time.

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