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‘Week in the life of Simon’


My alarm goes off at 5.00am and I get straight up, get ready and I’m out the door to catch the 5.34am train. 2 good quality organic beef burgers and a handful of nuts coupled with my green tea sets me up perfectly. My first client is in at 6am.

4 clients back to back while taking my pre-workout drink around 9.20am which is made up of pure caffeine in powder format and a scoop of ‘Reds’ powder which contains tomato, beetroot & carrot.

Monday’s 10am Team Training Session is always legs; the most challenging session of the week. Our legs session consists of heavy back squats, prowler push & pulls, walking lunges, stiff leg deadlifts and reverse hyperextensions.

I have my post workout shake directly after training; 2 scoops of whey protein, 3 scoops of maltodextrin, 15g glycine and 3g of taurine.

Lunch today is a homemade salad consisting of peppers, cucumber, mixed leaves, sweet potato, broccoli, red onion & cauliflower coupled with my protein which is 500g of pulled pork. Everything was pre prepared at the weekend to set me up for the week. I will graze on this when I have gaps throughout the day.

The rest of the day consists of 5 more PT sessions & a team meeting with the last session finishing at 8pm. Evening meal was consumed around 8.45/9 which was steak and some of the same salad.

I head to bed for 10pm, lights and TV are switched off to ensure my cortisol lowers to allow me a good night’s sleep.


5.30am alarm, I’m at the gym for 6.30am giving me 30 minutes to catch up with the news and eat my breakfast; 2 venison burgers & green tea.

First client today is in at 7am, 8 sessions booked in throughout the day, usual pre-workout drink ready for the 10am training session.

Today it is shoulders & abs, consisting of overhead pressing, lateral raises, Arnold press, reverse fly, seated press. Abs – hanging leg raise, reverse crunch, bar leg raises. This is followed quickly by my post workout shake, same as yesterday.

Food for the day is the same homemade salad, 500g of chicken and nuts to graze on throughout the day when hungry.

Finish work at 7pm and head home for dinner; 4 eggs, scrambled, and 120g of smoked salmon.

Lights out and its bed by 10pm again!


5.30am alarm again and it’s up and off to work. I have my breakfast at the gym which today is 2 good quality organic beef burgers and a handful of mixed nuts.

First client is in at 7am, with 9 PT sessions and 1 nutritional consultation throughout the day.

Usual pre- workout drink at around 9.20am which gives me 40 minutes or so for the caffeine to take effect.  I take caffeine partly because a) its proven to increase strength by 5/10% and b) it keeps me focused during my work out, although whether that’s the caffeine itself or the placebo effect is debatable,

Today’s workout is chest & back. First 4 rounds of bench press, cable flys, incline press & floor press. Then 4 rounds of weighted pull ups, bent over row, lat push down & a face pull. Followed again by my post workout shake.

Food for the day was 500g of beef mince cooked like a chilli. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to prepare anything with it, so it was off to Tesco to pick up a salad. Preparation really is the key to staying on track and maintaining focus with your food throughout the day.

I managed to fit in another workout this afternoon, topping up my earlier session with more chest and back.

Last client was 7-8pm, and then it’s off home for an evening meal of salmon with vegetables.

Again, it’s in bed by 10pm ready for another early alarm call.


5.30am alarm and I’m at the gym at the usual time ready for breakfast; 2 venison burgers and a few spoonfuls of Almond Nut Butter. Today, I need an extra boost on top of my breakfast so I have a homemade smoothie of spinach, blueberries, raspberries and broccoli. I try to eat as many green vegetables as possible to help alkaline my body, as eating too much protein without this can take the body into an acidic state.

8 sessions booked in throughout the day, with the first client starting at 8am.

Today’s training session was a metabolic conditioning session, click here for a short clip to see what was involved. Upper and lower body both incorporated in a circuit style format. And yes, you guessed it; my workout was promptly followed by a post workout shake!

Food for the day is raw broccoli and cauliflower with almond nut butter, and 400g of lamb mince cooked like a Bolognese. I also had 250g of blueberries to graze on throughout the day.

Finished by 8pm this evening meal, and it was a homemade chilli con carne with brown rice for dinner.

Again, it’s in bed by 10pm with all lights and tv off so I can be asleep by 10:15pm.


Yet again, my alarm wakes me up at 5:30am and its straight into work ready to have breakfast, which today is a salmon fillet with some green veg.

Quietest day of the week with only 6 sessions spread throughout the day.

Training session today was arms, just concentrating on the t-shirt muscles, the biceps and triceps.

I haven’t had chance to prepare any food for today. Going back to my point about poor preparation, I pop out to Itsu and grab a rice pot which has wild rice, vegetables and duck…and possibly a lot of sugar! So when I don’t have my own food I still try to as much as possible keep to what I regularly eat.

Finished by 7pm this evening and it’s off home for my cheat meal for the week; 2 sweet potatoes’ baked with cheese and tuna.

The football’s on the tv tonight, so I allow myself to stay up past my bedtime of 10pm!!


As you can see from my diary, I work fairly long hours, I exercise every day at least once and manage to eat clean meals 90% of the time. Those meals also include minimal starchy carbs, which many believe they require in order to keep their energy levels up. In most cases, eating those foods will only ensure you have a blood sugar crash leaving you with low energy levels and food cravings. My diet allows me to eat unlimited carbohydrates as long as they are green vegetables.  I never see my food choices as limited and I personally function better when not eating starchy/sugary foods like bread & sweets.

Depending on my day I also like to train twice a day if my diary permits – I find that when you expend energy you gain energy. I also have more energy during my evening sessions if I have trained in the afternoon.

With being up so early I like to be asleep by 10pm – I understand how important sleep is to repair the body from training and general day to day stressors. As you can see a clean diet, training consistently and good quality sleep are high on my priorities, I know the combination of these 3 allow me to my job day in day out.

I’m clearly a creature of habit, and stick to my routine in the week! Again, in order to stay focused and keep on track with my goals, it’s important to prepare good clean meals to keep me fuelled throughout the day.

Some areas which haven’t been mentioned throughout my diary which you may be wondering about:

Supplements – at the moment, I’m not really taking too much apart from my pre & post workout shake with fish oil (10g p/day) and vitamin D3 (10,000 IU p/day)

Water – throughout the day I drink up to 3 litres made up from filtered still water and green tea, I don’t drink anything which will include hidden sugars.

Quality of food – Where possible I always buy organic, or the best quality I can. Organic foods are sprayed with less chemicals (pesticides & herbicides) and the more chemicals the body/liver has to process/detoxify the less time it has on doing its job of repair, increasing energy levels, keeping the immune system strong.

As you can see I consume quite a lot of protein and as well as always buying the best quality of protein I can find, I try to rotate my sources as much as possible. I do this so that I am not always relying on chicken for example and so my body does not build up food intolerance’s from always eating the same foods daily.

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