Steve Phillips Bio

Steve has always had a passion for sports and fitness and this lead him to study it at University. He

has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and has been qualified as a Personal Trainer for several

years and has worked on cruise ships and in Australia to further his ability as a trainer to not only

improve himself but also to get the best possible results with his clients.

Steve strives to increase his understanding of nutrition and training protocols on a daily basis

through up-to-date research and information from studies and leading figures in the industry such

as Charles Poliquin, Nick Mitchell and Robb Wolf. This has led to him being extremely efficient and

knowledgeable when it comes to fat loss, body sculpting, muscle mass or all round fitness whether it

be for sports or just for the average person.

Steve believes the standards in the fitness industry are not good enough, especially in your

commercial gyms, and so continues to push himself and others around him to be the best trainers

they can be just like the whole Cre8 Fitness team. This is what separates them from the rest as the

standards they employ are high and demanding but it results in a better training atmosphere, better

trainers and better results for clients.

Steve is big believer in you get out of training what you put in, so he uses high intensity principles

and protocols to push clients beyond what they thought they have before and what they thought

they could do and achieve results quicker and better than they ever have. So prepare to work hard

and leave it all in the gym with Steve as if you eat right and train hard you will get results!

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