I come with the ability and know how to get results . I have
background in fat loss and health improvement. My experience in
fitness began six years ago with myself. Faced with the scary reality
of a future blighted by health issues,a lack confidence and a body I
wasn’t happy with . So I decided on a complete turn around. I Changed
from being 25 kg overweight , feeling constantly tired and
lethargic.Having no real respect for myself . All this brought on by
years of poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle. I am now someone
who not only cares about looking after myself and but also have a real
passion in helping other people to reap the rewards that a sustainable
healthy lifestyle can bring .
By keeping up with the current research, giving expert nutritional
advice and using the best training methods available I aim to help
you unlock your potential and get you leading a healthier, leaner

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