Claire uniquely combines Pilates and Reformer Pilates with her Physiotherapy knowledge using mat work Pilates to target the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine, improving overall core stability, strength and posture. After leaving the NHS to pursue musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and setting up her own Pilates business, Claire found that Cre8 Fitness was a personal training facility that aligned with the philosophy of her company Respect Pilates. Claire develops Pilates programmes specifically around your goals; incorporating specialised equipment to challenge the body. Pilates can be used as a rehabilitation tool, as a way of improving sporting performance, to prevent lower back and neck pain as well as delivering enjoyable sessions to improve general fitness.

Claire’s Philosophy – ‘If you want to see and feel the difference from Pilates sessions, you need to understand the concept, do the exercises correctly and Respect Pilates’.

As a Physiotherapist I am trained to study the body in detail. The concept of Pilates is to strengthen your deep abdominal and spinal muscles which are called your local muscles (or your centre). If you have a strong centre then you have a basis to allow the rest of your large muscle groups (your global muscles) to work more effectively and efficiently. If you work on your global muscles but not your local muscles you will always have an imbalance and be prone to injury as well as not being able to perform at your optimum.

Cost of Reformer pilates:-

£65 PAYG Reformer Pilates
£625 for 10 sessions

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