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Microwaves provide a fast and convent way to heat meals and food in our fast paced lives it’s estimated that up to 90% of American homes now own a microwave with the UK and Europe not far behind. Most people that use microwaves would never consider their safely on human health but at Cre8 we believe this is something you should be aware of.


Inside each microwave is a magnetron which has an effect on magnetic and electric fields causing microwave radiation which then causes friction in the molecules of the food. This friction heats the food but also causes damage to the food molecules deforming or tearing them which raises the question is microwaving safe?


Many studies suggest that the use of microwaves will destroy important B vitamins, flavanoids and other nutritional elements denaturing the food. When seeking good health and improved body composition we believe you shouldn’t consume microwave food. In today’s environment we need a range of foods rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals to aid detoxification which in turn will improve health and lower body fat. By microwaving food and destroying the nutritional content this will not allow the body to absorb the key nutrients.


In a study by Hans Hertel a Swiss food scientist showed that microwave cooking caused changes in the nutrients which caused changes in the participant’s blood; these were not healthy changes and could cause degeneration in human systems. Hertel continued his studies and carried out another study with much more control over the variables and concluded much of the same as the first study. Those participants who consumed microwave food had changes to their blood, some of these charges were reduced haemoglobin (oxygen transport), changes in good cholesterol (HDL) ratio and a short term decrease in Lymphocytes (white blood cells) which can increase the likely hood of infection. These findings point towards degeneration and poor health. There are many pro studies that can be found on microwaving but we believe this is an unnatural process and best avoided. Humans are the only animals on the planet that destroy our food and it’s vital nutrients all other animals consume their food in an unprocessed and natural state as nature intended, our suggestion is to do the same.


The microwave has also made it more convenient to consume obesity promoting foods, most microwave ready meals lack proper nutrition leaving you malnourished. This results in consumption of dead calories leading to overeating as your body seeks proper nutrition. These ‘ready meals’ are also loaded full of chemicals, salt and sugar so best to avoided. 


Here are some tips that may help you become microwave free.


1. Plan meals in advance – spend a little time planning meals in advance for the week ahead so you have all you need for times when your too busy or too tired to cook.


2. Prepare soups and stew in bulk so they can be frozen and then used for convince.


3. Defrost foods in advance and don’t be tempted to do this in a microwave.


4. Consider changing your microwave for a convection oven.


5. Consider eating more raw and organic foods as this has been shown to be a healthy way of eating.


The take away point you will always achieve better health and body composition staying away from convenient foods and cooking methods stick with real whole foods.  


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