Kettlebells address the entire body as a unit simultaneously. You will get the most effective, short and intense, cardiovascular and strength workout within twenty to thirty minutes? Whether you are looking to vaporize fat, scorch your lungs, demand new strength, rehabilitate weak areas or improve your overall level of conditioning, kettlebells are the solution. The Kettlebell is an extreme hand held gym. The variety of exercises are only limited by the instructor’s imagination! The kettlebell swing is the daddy of all kettlebell exercises.

The movement

• Stand a foot behind the Kettlebell.
• Sit back; hold the handle with both hands.
• Keeping weight on heels, pass the Kettle bell between legs, close to groin.
• Drive hips forward (finish with a snap, like vertical jump) and start swinging.
• Project the Bell from your hips!

The swing is the foundation of all kettlebell exercises, teaching the fundamentals of hip thrust, compressed breathing, rooting and wedging. It maximises muscular endurance of the back and waist and helps to prevent lower back pain. Great for fat loss and cardiovascular conditioning.