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A strong lower back is essential to stabilise the torso and to prevent injury. Many people find that when they add extra lower back work to their workouts, their squats and deadlifts improve. In addition, a strong lower back is a healthy and pain-free lower back, which is important for desk job professionals like you, as well as anyone who includes bending, reaching, and picking things up as part of their daily routine which is everyone.

This is one of the pieces of kit which we believe should be in every gym, should they have an ounce of understanding regarding lower back injury prevention and strength training. Yes that’s right this exercise when done correctly will STRENGTHEN your lower back and minimise the risk of lower back pain and injury. This exercise, like the deadlift, is often confused with doing your lower back damage. This exercise is one of the best in terms of really improving and maintaining back health.

This works the muscles in your lower back, the hamstrings and the glutes, which are all essential for lower back function. Tips:

  • Start with body weight
  • Keep under control at all times
  • Do no use the pad or bend knees to hyper extend further
  • Keep your head inline with your spine

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