The Dumbbell Snatch

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Olympic lifts are potentially the most intimidating exercises that can be performed as they require a lot of skill and technique. However the dumbbell snatch is an exercise that anyone can do and one that needs minimal space and just one tool – a dumbbell. The exercise is not a press as many seem to think, the power all comes from the lower body with hips extending to drive the weight up.


The great thing about this exercise is that it really works the cardiovascular system; this is because the weight moves through space from close to the ground to above the head in one explosive movement. The dumbbell snatch is a very functional exercise – the human body is designed to move as one unit. This exercise does exactly that, it requires a whole chain of muscles to fire from the gluteus to trapezius.


How to perform the dumbbell snatch:


· Place the feet at shoulder width and let the dumbbell hang at arm’s length between the knees.

· Keep the back set and weight spread evenly on the feet.

· Extend the legs and hips powerfully, and pull your body back down into a high partial squat as you continue the dumbbell’s upward motion with the arm, catching with a locked elbow.

· The upward movement of the dumbbell should be generated with the hips and legs, not with the arm.

· Stop the squat under quickly with the thighs above horizontal.



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