Split Squat copy

Split stance lifts not only demand a level of flexibility-strength, but they also help to promote it, especially in the hip flexors of the back leg. This extreme position necessitates that these muscles be both flexible and strong in the fully stretched position in order to provide enough stability to properly execute the movement.

Many clients we see today often have tight hip flexors due to inactivity and poor exercise choices. Tight hips can lead to injury and decreased efficiency of movements such as an average squat and jumping movement patterns. By utilising exercises like the split squat, you can kill two birds with one stone by strengthening the hip musculature and promoting mobility of the hips as well.

Benefits of the Bulgarian Split Squat

• Improved balance & flexibility, especially in the hips which will improve most day to day movement patterns as well as all lower extremity exercises.
• A greater increase in strength & power.
• Drastically improved glute (butt) efficiency & strength which will in turn support the development of your lumber muscles (lower back).
• Huge improvements in core strength & stability.