Back squat

The squat is an essential movement when implementing any exercise program. The back squat is a total body exercise. During the squat, the body recruits your glutes, hamstrings, quads, lower back and abdomen to successfully execute the lift. A stable upper body is required for your lower body to create enough force to drive the weight up against gravity. The squat is very effective in building strength and will also increase your heart rate because of the range of motion and the amount of muscles involved. The lower body has massive amounts of metabolism increasing potential. The best and most efficient way to tap into this is by doing heavy legwork. Not machine leg curls or leg presses but with squats. Bar on the back, sweat producing, breath taking and heart pounding squats. There is no other exercise as effective for stimulating body composition changes (muscle gain & fat loss).

How to back squat CORRECTLY……….
• Hands evenly spaced, using a narrow grip. Retract shoulder blades, elevate chest and brace.
• Keep feet flat, toes pointed slightly outward, descend down, knees in line with toes & keep trunk/chest upright.
• Descend down under control until hips pass below the knee, maintain braced trunk to support the lower back.
• Explode upwards as quickly as possible, keeping chest upright. Head should always be kept up.

The Progression……….The Front Squat

Front squat

How to front squat CORRECTLY……….
• Bar rests on upper front deltoids (shoulders), hands spaced slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
• Elbows are high, level with bar with wrists extended with a relaxed grip.
• The action of the head, shoulders, trunk, hips, kneed & ankles are exactly the same in this exercise as the back squat.