Cre8 Fitness - London Personal Trainer

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Cre8 Fitness - London Personal Trainer

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‘The team at cre8fitness are at the absolute top of their game, and they want you to be too. 

I’ve had a couple of personal trainers at different times in the past few years but always ended up quitting after reaching a plateau that the trainer just didn’t seem to try to move beyond: whether it was in fat loss, strength or, to be frank, boredom.  After nearly a year with the guys at cre8fitness, the very idea of a plateau is laughable: every work-out with is tough, centred towards achieving my goals and different from every other work out that has gone before it.  You really feel (and see!) progress week after week (if you do what they tell you, that is!). 

The combined knowledge of the three guys is also unbelievable – you’d think they’d swallowed a nutrition and personal fitness library each day. You would also struggle to meet three nicer guys or train in a more supportive gym.’

Cre8 Fitness - London Personal Trainer
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‘I decided to look into a personal trainer because my weight had always gone up and down and however much weight I lost, I had never managed to get the body that I wanted.  I didn’t have much faith in personal trainers until I walked into Cre8 Fitness.  As soon as I spoke with Simon it was clear that he knew what he was talking about and I promised to give him 12 weeks to see what he could do. 12 weeks later and not only have my results been amazing but the experience has completely changed my life. I have lost nearly 10kg, 8.4% body fat and have dropped 3 dress sizes, from a 14 to an 8.

The great thing about Simon, Phil and Matt is that they live by the principles that they teach.  Not only did I learn how to train but how to eat. The guys at Cre8 made me feel important and although I trained with Simon, both Phil and Matt took an interest in how I was doing. Simon was amazing. He was encouraging, motivating and supportive throughout the whole 12 weeks and was always at the end of an email if I needed any help or advice.

Although I have completed my 12 weeks now, I will be going back later in the year to improve on what I have already achieved.  I wish I had done this years ago and I cannot thank these guys enough!’
Cre8 Fitness - London Personal Trainer
'I had never done any strength training or had a personal trainer when I pitched up at Cre8 Fitness in October 2011.  Matt was very reassuring and put me on a completely manageable low carb eating plan and introduced me to the wonderful world of battle ropes and deadlifts.  I lost one and a half stone and reduced my body fat from 29% to 19% over 9 months.  Matt got me back on the straight and narrow if I ever fell off the wagon during this time.  The atmosphere in the gym is really fun and women-friendly.  Several of my friends started training with Matt when they saw my great results.  I recommend training with Matt to anyone who wants to improve their fitness or lose weight and have fun at the same time.'  Antonia, lawyer

Cre8 Fitness - London Personal Trainer

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Cre8 Fitness - London Personal Trainer
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