How can it be true that ordinary nutrition is not enough? It’s partly a quantity-versus-quality problem. Most of us aren’t eating enough of the right things. We eat a lot of what we would call overly processed, hormone pumped, artificial colour, flavour enhanced, simple carbohydrate and refined sugar foods that contain large quantities of trans fats.

Some of our food is imported from vast distances, so it must be wrapped, coated and sprayed chemically to keep it from spoiling. Further to this, our farming and fishing methods have changed drastically over the last 20 years. Now we pump pesticides, inorganic feeds/fertilizers, and waste treated water to grow a lot of food quickly and cheaply in soil and water that would otherwise be unable to support life.

This is why we believe supplements have and will continue to play a huge part in our diet – we can’t always get what we want from food.

Most of us suffer from some form of mineral or vitamin deficiency. You may not be aware how much impact a trace mineral deficiency can have until you’ve started a supplement regime and find that you have more energy and awareness, and fewer aches and pains.

Another benefit that people get from supplements is an improvement in stress levels. At the speed our lives move today, stress is a major factor in illness and fatigue. We live our lives at a pace that no human civilization has, and the demands on our bodies are severe. When you are stressed, emotionally or physically, your body will use vitamins (particularly vitamins B and C) and other micronutrients at an increased rate. A supplement protocol can help limit the effects of stress on our body by balancing hormones (such as HGH and cortisol) which are destabilized by stress and lack of sleep.