Cre8 Fitness personal trainers are fat loss experts. We have explored and tested all the training techniques that claim to burn fat in the most effective way. Unlike most personal trainers, we have taken the guess work out of your training and have developed training protocols based on the latest scientific evidence to ensure that they deliver results. Despite what most fitness industry experts claim, you don’t need to do boring long bouts of cardio on the treadmill or cross-trainer, count calories or even have the perfect genetics.

Our fat loss personal training combines resistance training, interval training and Tabata based training; all of which we know when done properly will melt body fat off you like nothing else. We know when you complete our fat loss training you will continue to burn calories even when you have left the gym, you will burn fat for up to 24-48 hours. We tailor bespoke training programmes for each and every client to get the maximum results in the minimum time. We will take you through a full body composition analysis taking your height, weight and body fat measurements from 12 different sites across your body allowing us to calculate your accurate body fat percentage and track your progress through your fat loss regime.