Body sculpting at Cre8 Fitness personal training ties together results from your unique Biosignature body fat report along with your initial body/movement pattern assessment which we then use to design a tailored exercise programme that works towards the goals set in your consultation. We make sure that you keep getting results while you train with us through a programme that has 4-6 week cycles as we believe variety is one of the main ingredients of personal training success.

For every pound of lean muscle you gain, you will be burn an extra 50 calories at rest, this is why body sculpting training is one of the most important forms of training. The more lean muscle you have, the higher your metabolism so this is the quickest way to increase your body’s natural fat burning furnaces. Below are just some of the training forms Cre8 Fitness use to sculpt the body, we know the below methods work, you will not see us use gimmicky equipment like power plates as we believe in getting results and not just entertaining you in your personal training sessions.

Strength Training: From our first initial assessment we test to see what type of muscle fibre you are made up of. This is what separates us from the rest, looking at the finer detail of your make up so we can decide what type or training protocol or repetitions to use so that your body responds straight away to training allowing you to get the most from your workout.

Kettlebell Training: Kettlebells address the entire body as a unit simultaneously. You will get the most effective, short and intense, cardiovascular and strength workout within twenty to thirty minutes. Whether you are looking to vaporize fat, scorch your lungs, demand new strength, rehabilitate weak areas or improve your overall level of conditioning, kettlebells are the solution. The Kettlebell is an extreme hand held gym. The varieties of exercises are only limited by the imagination!

Battling Ropes: The benefits of rope training extend to everyone, from athletes to those who are just trying to get into or maintain their optimal body shape. Rope training is one of the most effective methods of interval training. Interval training is a very effective way of developing muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, including hand and arm movement speed. Interval training has been proven as one of the most efficient and effective ways of burning body fat and building muscle.

Tabata Interval Training: Tabata training is a form of intensive interval training which concentrates effort into 20 second bursts of highly intense activity. This method can be used for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The aim is to burn maximum fat while working out by raising heart rates to the max. Intervals of 20 seconds intensive activity is followed by 10 seconds of rest, with the exercise repeated eight times.

Boxing Pad Work: If you think it’s just a sport for the rough and tough, you’re wrong. Boxing is now one of the most popular fitness regimes out there and if it’s a lean, toned, strong body you’re after then this could the training choice for you. Boxing is a high intensity, full body workout that will keep you moving the whole time. When you’re not throwing a punch, you’re ducking and weaving in the middle of different combinations which keep the body moving.

Olympic Lifts: Olympic lifts are great for personal training for all levels of fitness, combing movement patterns such as deadlifts, cleans, snatches and presses. All of these are compound exercises which work to recruit the most muscle fibres working the whole body in an Olympic lifting workout. Adding the Olympic lifts in your lean muscle building or fat burning workouts can and will send you on a quick path to losing excess body fat quickly, gain lean dense muscle, and send your cardio capacity soaring.

Strongman Training: Although not for the faint-hearted, the beauty of strongman training is that it is absolutely suited to all levels and abilities. Taking exercise back to function, it is essentially the mimicking of activities that traditionally would have only been carried out by strong men. This type of training however is not just benefited by men, women also achieve great results from this type of training, combining classic movement patterns like farmer walks & dragging heavy sleds. This is not only very fun but also demanding training it works to raise the heart rate and work the muscles of the body intensely.[/rad_page_widget][/rad_page_container][/rad_page_section]