The NFL graces our shores once again this weekend and if you are going or just a keen football fan you probably noticed the sheer strength, speed and fitness of these behemoths. Apart from doing 100kg barbell split squats and 220kg bench presses, below we have a few exercises to get you NFL Fit.

Hill Sprints –

Sprint up to the top of the hill as quick as possible and then a slower pace back down and repeat. This will not just help you improve your acceleration but the angel of the push off, using the toe (ankle dorsiflexion) can improve power generation hence increasing your impact when that cornerback closes in on you.

Dumbbell Walking Lunges –

This single leg exercise will not just galvanise your grip strength but improve your balance by forcing you to engage the core, gluts, quads and hip flexors. The balance might just be the difference when bursting through to that end zone.

Single Arm Cable Press –

Racing through the field you may be required to palm someone off to get that extra yardage. This exercise will mimic that movement and strengthen the pecs, delts and triceps.

Wide Grip Pull up –

Possibly the MVP of the upperbody exercises. Using the lats, biceps, forearms, muscles and not to forget your hand grip. All of this will come in useful when tearing down that wide reciever.

Sled push –

This low risk injury exercise is exactly what you need whether an explosive Wide Reciever, a defending Guard or an attacking Linebacker. Being able to push a heavy weight is one of the most important things in football and with the sled/prowler push the quads will gain strength along with total body conditioning.

Zottman curls –

This one is all about the grip. Need to rip the ball from your opponent or grab that quarterback. Using the bicep to curl the dumbbells up then rotate the dumbbells at the top and slowly lower them. This will be demanding on the brachialis in the forearm and give you a grip that as if super glue was on your palms!

Assault Bike –

Explosiveness is required all over the field. It might even be from the first second when you recieve the ball from kick off and an assault bike tabata will hep provide this. The acceleration to get the RPM as high as possible will help you quickly go up through the gears gaining yards. The longer you spend on the assault bike will also work on your longevity but be warned it’ll feel like a flamethrower to the lunges

Now it’s first down and time to up your fitness. ‘Hut. Hut. Hike!’….up that hill.

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