Joseph O’Connor Principal Physiotherapist

We are now pleased to be able to offer a bespoke physiotherapy service at Cre8 Fitness.

Joseph treats a mixed caseload of patients and has the clinical experience to deal with a wide

variety of problems.

Common conditions treated include:

▪  Spinal Pain (necks and backs)

▪ Headaches

▪ Postural problems

▪ Sports Injuries

▪ Arthritis

▪ Chronic Pain

▪ Work related upper limb disorder (RSI)

▪ Shoulder Pain

▪ Knee Pain

▪ Post and Pre-Operative treatment

▪ Tennis/Golfers elbow

▪ Foot pain

Joseph is experienced in a wide variety of treatment approaches including:

▪ Joint Mobilisation

▪ Soft Tissue Therapy

▪ Motor Control Re-education

▪ Rehabilitation

▪ Education

We often use a combined approach of different treatments to suit your individual needs.

Appropriate treatment for your problem will be discussed with you prior to formulating a treatment


If you wish to make a physiotherapy appointment please contact the Gym or Joseph directly on

07921 453 843.

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