At Cre8 we are in the unique position of being able to apply a methodical consistent approach to injury rehabilitation and prevention. Our ‘team approach’ and close working practices allow the elite trainers to implement aspects of your rehabilitation into your training sessions, complementing your Physiotherapy treatment. This prevents non complimentary or even counterproductive approaches between Physiotherapy and PT’s that are ‘off -site’ due to poor communication or understanding of your problem.

Current developments in research into conditions such as Achilles and Patella Tendinopathy are emphasising the importance of a structured strengthening protocol as well as very specific rehabilitation.

At Cre8 we can offer a structured Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation package, where you can carry out your exercises under the supervision of both Physiotherapist and PT working together to give you the best outcome.

After a detailed assessment your physiotherapist with provide a detailed treatment plan and discuss the best way forward with you.

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