For the not familiar with Olympic style weightlifting, it’s comprised of two lifts.
· Snatch

· Clean & Jerk

Olympic lifts are valuable training methods for increasing full body power. The ability to recruit high-threshold motor units means you’ll be able to produce more force in a shorter amount of time, be able to sprint and accelerate faster and be overall, stronger and more athletic.

Sounds like perfect traits for any athlete to have and want. However, some shy away from Olympic lifting for fears of injuring themselves or their athletes or that they are too difficult to learn. The lifts are very technical in that each movement executed in either the clean and jerk or the snatch has to be performed in the correct sequence with the correct timing. If proper technical and learning progressions are applied and loads are not excessive, Olympic lifting can be safe, fun and as noted above, very beneficial to athletic performance.

Training with Giles Greenwood will help you perform the two Olympic lifts (snatch and clean & jerk), plus a range of assistance exercises that will also work hand in hand in improving your technique using the unique GWL teaching sequence – developed by former British champion, Commonwealth Games gold medallist and British record holder Giles Greenwood.

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