Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports in the World and with the UFC being the Champions League of the sport. But what exercise could such well rounded athletes possibly do to provide such strength, endurance and explosiveness? With our workout below we shall provide you with enough heavy hitting exercises to ensure you make it through 5 rounds in the Octagon against the best!

Warm up (Repeat 4 times)

Skipping 1min
Bodyweight Squats 20sec
Static Lunges 20sec

Set 1 (Repeat 4 times)

Barbell Back Squat x 10
Landmine Rotations x 16
Ball Slam x 10
Battling Ropes 20sec

The barbell back squat should be the cornerstone of any man’s week-to-week workout. This will help strengthen the quads, glutes and core which according to fighters like Rampage Jackson is vital for increasing the power of your haymakers. The landmine rotation movement emulates certain Judo throws and the foot movement of throwing a hook. Both of these are areas that could help you win the round. Ball slams are a great way to increase your explosiveness and rope waves while creating a shoulder burn will improve that cardio capacity which will be needed come round 5!

Set 2 (Repeat 4 times)

Chin up x 10
Cable Wood chops x 10 each side
Burpee x 10

Chin ups are going to increase the strength of your upper back but also your biceps and grip. All of those are vital when going for a takedown or pulling your client in close for some dirty boxing. Cable wood chops are going to aid that hook, creating resistance in the obliques, this could be the difference in going home with the belt or empty handed. You opponent might have his own plans on taking you down this is why sprawling is so important and doing burpees is one of the most effective ways of practicing this.

Set 3 (Repeat 4 times)

Dumbbell Renegade Row x 10
Sled Push x 4
Punch Bag Slam + Strikes x 10

The renegade row is a great exercise for many reasons – engaging the core, press up and then row. This will help you when on top of your opponent to grab that wrist, tear it away from his torso ready for an arm bar! Sled pushes are going to work those legs so when you need to takedown the opposition or press him against the cage he won’t be able to prevent it. Lift that punch bag and slam it into the mat as soon as impact is made hit it with a lethal strike combo. Then lift it again, this time over the other shoulder and repeat. Every MMA fighter needs a good ground and pound game.

Set 4 (Perform 1 – 8 20sec sprints)

Airdyne 4 minute Tabata

The most successful MMA champs always have great stamina as sometimes you’ll have to dig deep in the latter rounds to grind out that victory. A tabata on the airdyne bike is only going to help with that explosiveness and lasting ability. Use the upperbody to really push and pull while also forcing the RPM up with those legs. Give it your all as this might be the difference.

Now you’re ready to go get that belt!

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