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There is a significant reason why here at Cre8 Fitness our nutritional standpoint hasn’t changed since we opened our doors back in 2008.  We won’t jump on the bandwagon with some other trainers and start dishing out new diets as and when they become publicised.

The body will adapt to change, if you practice a new diet over the course of 2-3 weeks then your body will change but then it will adapt to it and your progress will slow down.  However by the 3rd week, you may have slipped up and ate a vegetable on a day that you weren’t allowed to eat a vegetable or you may have drunk a glass of red wine and will put your halt in progress down to this.
However this isn’t true. Your body has just adapted.

Back in the day (“the day” being before people were dying of obesity and the majority of the nation was overweight) foods were not processed, sugars were not consumed in large quantities, pollutants were not so much of an issue, 12 hour days in the office and high levels of stress didn’t exist.  It’s only been the last few decades where people are starting to die before their parents, that government guidelines are changing to accommodate what is “average” and not what is “optimal”.

It is not rocket science to work out where the problem is.  Eating red meat, or any animal protein is not the problem, eating carbohydrates isn’t the problem, eating fat is definitely not the problem. The human body has not dramatically evolved in the last 100 years, so why has our nutritional intake changed so much? We survived for years and years eating things that grew in the soil, swam in the sea, grew on trees and lived on the ground. We did not survive on pop tarts, pasta, bread and alcohol, this stuff is what is killing us.

The closer we get to nature, the better our health becomes. The more natural and toxin free our foods are, the healthier we become. Some may argue that eating like this is expensive, it is more expensive to eat organic beef steaks over antibiotic hormone pumped turkey mince, for sure, but can you put a price on your health? If you remove all the junk from your shopping trolley and concentrate on single ingredient foods, the cost of your shopping will probably be the same yet your overall health will be through the roof.

There is no one size fits all diet, there is no replacement for real food (shakes etc), being hung up on food and being on a diet only increases your obsession with food and builds an unhealthy relationship with it, this will make you even more stressed than your 12 hour office job already does.

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