At Cre8 Fitness we believe that fish oil supplementation is one of the under pinning supplements you should have in your diet weather your goal is to lose body fat or gain lean muscle. 2 primary reasons why we believe this to be the essential supplement. 1. We generally do not eat enough fish containing high levels of omega 3’s. 2. The fish we do eat can be of poor quality by the time it we actually consume it…..unless you live in Norway or Alaska!

For those of us interested in positively and optimally altering body composition and maximising our training efforts, fish oils offer the below benefits:

  • Fish oils turn on the lipolytic genes (fat burning genes)
  • Fish oils turn off the lipogenic genes (fat storage genes)
  • Fish oils boost your mood by increasing serotonin levels (the happy neurotransmitter). Therefore, fish oils will decrease incidence of depression, anxiety, and panic attack and reduce carbohydrate cravings.
  • Fish oils are a great stress fighter. Supplementation with n-3 fatty acids inhibits the adrenal activation of steroids, aldosterone, epinephrine and norepinephrine (catecholamines) elicited by a mental stress, apparently through effects exerted at the level of the central nervous system. Therefore, for the same amount of stress, one will produce fewer stress hormones if consuming fish oils on a regular basis.
  • Increase utilisation of fat stores from the adipocytes.
  • Reduced inflammation from physical training.
  • Pain management from the reduced inflammation.
  • EPA regulates blood supply to the brain, which is essential in maintaining focus in weight training sessions. DHA is important in brain membranes, memory and cognitive function.
  • Fish oils will improve your cardio-vascular risk profile by lowering VLDL, triglycerides, homocysteine, fibrinogen and increasing HDL levels. Combining fish oils with plant sterols will improve lipid levels even more than either alone.
  • Fish oils can also decrease blood pressure by several mechanisms. These include increases in the vasodilatory compound, nitric oxide, reducing vascular inflammation, blocking the constrictive elements in the vascular wall such as the calcium channels reducing blood viscosity, and inhibiting a blood vessel constrictor (thromboxane). Lipoprotein (a) is another CVD predictor that can be lowered by fish oils (a 19% reduction was seen with natural, stable fish oils and just 4% with highly purified fish oil).

Be aware that there are many different fish oil brands on the market, some do contain high levels or mercury so always chose quality over quantity when it comes to your body. To get the best fish oil on the market speak to a Cre8 Fitness trainer and also find out what the correct dosage is for yourself.