Why eating fat is NOT the enemy

The Government and NHS guidelines have always advised that if you want to be healthy you must cut down on your fat consumption. Foods like red meats, butter, cream and cheese were seen as evil to health and body composition. Scientific studies now show this may not be the case.

So what’s the beef with fat? Well, with nearly every company in the world now offering ‘Low-Fat’ or ‘Fat-Free’ options of their products (to the point that is hard to find full fat options!) surely we should have a trim, lean and healthy species…shouldn’t we!? The truth is quite the opposite with obesity levels being higher than ever. The cost to the NHS annually is over £15billion. So what is to be done? Below are a few pointers for you to consider while consuming your second ‘light’ yoghurt of the day.

A lot of people come to us with body composition goals and the meal at the start of the day tells us whether they have a chance of reaching their goal. ‘I’m very healthy and eating is not the problem. I have low fat yoghurt and banana for breakfast.’ At this point we know they are not going to achieve anything quickly. These carbs and sugars consumed at breakfast result in blood sugars raising and insulin spiking meaning getting lean will always be a battle. A meal of protein, fats and the correct vegetables isn’t just a nutritional breakfast but also keeps your insulin response lower and therefore helping you reach your goal.

Consuming fats and protein first for for breakfast can also help with energy level and promoting mental focus due the blood sugar levels not raising and falling quickly. Fat also produces, myelin, which is a insulator of nerve fibres that allows for quick responses within the brain. Therefore cereal may not help you with that important 10.30am meeting with your new clients!

But won’t fats kill me? Fats can be healthy and very beneficial to anyone’s diet. Researchers discovered recently that consuming a high fat diet helped the prevention of diabetes. A study carried out by the University of Cambridge found that the saturated fat consumed through cheese and red meat lowered the risk of diabetes in over 12 thousand people across Europe after blood tests.

A lot of people have the idea ingrained in their head that if they want to lose the fat on their body they had better avoid fat as, fat is fat. These people forget about fats role within the body. Gram for gram fat provides more energy to the body than carbs or protein. It also provides essential nutritions such as vitamin A, D, E and K. Fat also helps with the body’s sexual hormonal response hence females with anorexia in early life can experience issues in conceiving a child later in life. The list of benefits of fat continue with aiding in healthy skin and also protecting the organs.

So, when you choose next time to trim the fat off your grass fed steak have a low fat yoghurt for afters just think about what is actually the healthier option. Grass fed fat or a yoghurt that has been tampered with to the point it now must contain preservatives and sweeteners including aspartame which has been shown to directly impact the brain and central nervous system causing mood disorders and memory problems?

Obviously too much of anything is unhealthy no matter what it is so try your best to have a balanced diet…but certainly don’t leave out fats!

Below are a list of the Cre8 Fitness team’s favourite fats:


Coconut Oil

Nuts (not peanuts but cashews, almonds, macadamian, brazil)

Kerry Gold Butter

Fish Oils

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