Unless you have looked into the subject of parabens you have probably never considered the fact that your cosmetics could actually be causing you to gain fat and put your health at risk!

So what is a Paraben?

Parabens are a class of synthetic chemicals widely used as preservatives in cosmetics such as makeup, hair products, moisturisers, shaving products and also sun creams. Up to 60% of what we place on our skin can be absorbed into our blood stream. Take a look at your products and look out for the words Ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Butylparaben or Propylaraben as these are the most common forms and throw out any products containing them.

Parabens mimic xenoestrogens (foreign estrogens) which causes you to store more body fat on your Hamstrings (back of your upper legs). Parabens are a castration agent in males and increase the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancers.

In 2004, The Journal of Applied Toxicology conducted a study in which 20 women participated. In the study traces of five different parabens were found in breast-cancer tumours of the 19 of the 20 women.

Our environment is full of estrogens which come in the form of toxins from cosmetics to exhaust fumes and cause us to get fat. Reducing your toxic load by changing your cosmetics to paraben free products is a great start in improving your health and body composition.

Vitamin D is hugely important in the detoxification process so along with switching products we would recommend supplementing with 5,000IU (1 D3 tablet) per day and adding additional fibre (30 grams in 2 doses) to keep the correct hormonal balance of estrogens. Have a look online for paraben free products or health food shops as there is really no excuse for not changing your products!