If you have been working hard in the gym, pounding the pavements or been following the latest diet craze only to be disappointed then here are 5 common reasons why you may not be getting the results you want.

1. You’re consuming too many calories compared to the amount you burn:

When you want to lose body fat your number one priority should be your calorie intake. Calories are units of energy stored within the food and drink that we consume. This energy is vital for us to survive as it fuels every essential and nonessential function and movement . We all have differing energy needs this depends on gender,age,activity levels and size. Anything we consume is broken down by the body and the energy made available for usage. Once energy levels have been met the body will have to store any excess into muscle and other tissues but these have limited storage capacity and once these are full the remaining excess will need to be put into fat cells which unfortunately have an endless capacity and the more this happens the more efficient your fat cells becomes at storing this excess. The more frequently this happens the more fat we gain. To lose body fat we need to create an energy deficit. This deficit needs to be moderate and sustainable. To do this you need to take in slightly less energy than you expend on consistent basis. Over time this will cause your body to tap into the energy stored within the fat cells to make up the shortfall which equals fat loss.

2. You drink too many calories:

The contained in the drinks are often forgotten or not calculated into our intake. They can be full of calories but unlike food they often contain little or no nutritional value. For example sugary drinks like fruit juice or fizzy drinks can contain 100+ calories per serving. Alcohol can also be full of calories with a pint of beer can have as much as 250 calories and large glass of wine can have up to 200 cals. On an energy standpoint a few drinks can easily push you over you daily energy needs if you don’t it factor into your intake.

3. Your diet is too extreme:

It’s important to create an energy deficit to lose fat and to do this you may need to reduce your energy intake or increase activity levels. But by going to extreme such as going very low calorie or by cutting out complete food groups such carbs or fats you can be left with negative results. This can lead you into obsessive eating patterns, binge eating and nutritional deficiencies. Although you will lose weight eating like this someone this will be fat and some water weight .But this extreme eating is not sustainable and can lead to boredom and poor compliance and eventually cause you to break and usually in a big way often bringing feelings of guilt and failure and leading to weight regain. Normally after this happens you decide to go back to the same extreme diet you were on before and the cycle happens again this also known as YO-YO dieting !

4. Your spend too long being sedentary:

Even though you smash it up in the gym two to three times a week or hammer out regular spin classes. You can still struggle to lose fat if this only movement you do throughout the week. Energy usage could be less than you need to hit a calorie deficit. Also Studies have shown the more time we spend sitting our insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance can drop meaning you may become less efficient at using energy and more likely to store it as fat even with regular exercise.

5. You don’t sleep enough or are too stressed:

Poor sleep patterns and chronic stress can play havoc on you hormones that help you control your appetite. Leading to poor food choices and overeating. Poor sleep can also can affect the way you exercise leading to less efficient workouts and poorer recovery which are not ideal if you want to lose body fat.

If any of these resonate with you and your struggling to shift body fat . Please feel free to contact one of us here at cre8 for help finding some solutions to your fat loss problems.

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